4 Places You Can Still Travel As An American

The blue passport is still good for something

COVID-19 has destroyed travel plans for travelers around the world, but lets’s be real… the country with the passport that’s taken perhaps the biggest hit is the United States. Many Americans have been stranded across the world or been forced to cancel their planned trips across the world with seemingly no end to the travel restrictions in sight.

If you’re still itching to get a bit of travel in this fall and winter then this list is for you. Here are four places you can still travel with a U.S. Passport without having to apply for a business or work visa.

  1. Barbados

Easily one of the most open, and least restricted countries on this list, Barbados has been open since the middle of July with most businesses back in operation and dining in restaurants permitted. If you choose to go to Barbados you may want to make it an extended stay since travelers from high risk countries (including the USA) are required to quarantine within the country for 14 days upon entry.

2. Croatia

If you thought that Americans were unable to travel to any EU member countries you would be wrong. Croatia has opened her borders to travelers from the United States provided they can show proof of accommodation for the trip.

3. Ecuador

Ecuador is another surprisingly easy country to get access to for U.S. passport holders. As of this writing of this list US citizens can travel to Ecuador with relative ease, of course provided they have had a recent negative COVID-19 test. Once inside the country feel free to enjoy everything Guayaquil has to offer. Just don’t try to visit the Galápagos Islands which remain off-limits as of now.

4. United Arab Emirates

If you’ve had an itch to go to Dubai it no longer needs to go unscratched since the city has opened its borders to travelers once again. Just like some other places on this list it’s going to require a negative COVID-19 test taken within 4 days of arrival, however you will also need to download Dubai’s DXB app, which was created by the Dubai Health Authority to inform people of ways to identify COVID-19 symptoms as well as how to prevent contracting the disease.

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