3 Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Plan a Long-term Travel

Why start planning for travel in the midst of a global pandemic? Why even think about getting on an airplane when or going through a germ-filled airport? Why not wait until there’s a vaccine?

Well, those are all fair questions and we absolutely do not suggest anyone traveling if they are uncomfortable, especially if the travel is purely for leisure. However, if you’re someone who wants to either be a global nomad or work and live in another country for an extended period of time after a vaccine is released then this list is for you.

You’ve Probably Never Had More Time Than Now.

There are millions of people in the world right now who have been hit hard by this pandemic. Millions are facing unemployment and/or a health crisis. If you are fortunate enough to still be working and in good health, you likely have never had more time to yourself. Unless you are a healthcare professional, even if you are an essential worker quarantine has left you unable to socialize as frequently after work. Nobody is asking you to go to out for drinks or go to a concert, and most-likely many of the weddings you’ve been invited to have been postponed.

Now is the perfect time to completely rethink your life and analyze what kinds of opportunities you want to make for yourself. If you have been itching to start living abroad or traveling while working within your own country you will probably never get a better opportunity to plan and save to make that dream a reality.

This Pandemic Has Accelerated The Acceptance Of Remote Work By At Least A Decade

Truly if there is any silver-lining in the dark cloud of COVID-19 it is the way it has forced companies to experiment with remote work. Many people have been working remotely since March, and a large number of companies have committed to letting employees work remotely until 2021. Many companies are realizing that they lose little-to-no productivity loss by having a completely remote workforce.

Many large companies have invested in expanding their remote workforce. There are thousands and thousands of remote job opening now around the world that are available for you to apply to. If you’re looking to find remote work now is a great time, and if you enjoy your current job and you’re GOOD at it too, you’ve probably never had a better shot at negotiating transferring to a permanent remote role.

Flights Have Never Been Cheaper Or Had More Space Available

Let start out by saying that we don’t recommend throwing caution to the wind and booking 4 discounted plane tickets to go city hopping around your country or around the world. However, we are saying that it might be wise to consider buying a refundable ticket far in advance of any travel plans. If you have plans to start traveling in the Summer or Fall of 2021 now might be a good time to look at ticket prices for your destination of choice. Grab a refundable ticket or some travel insurance and make the most of these airfare discounts!

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