Why Mexico Is Attracting So Many New Digital Nomads

As the world still struggles to cope with the pandemic, some remote workers are shifting bases to sit out a new wave of restrictions and lockdown protocols. Many people’s location of choice is Mexico and the comfort of its Caribbean coastline. With a growing remote work community, visa on arrival, easy access to Cancun airport and the rapidly improving infrastructure of Tulum, Mexico, is set to continue being one of the most popular digital nomad hot spots in the world.

With the northern hemisphere entering the first real month of winter many would often flee to Canggu, Bali’s most popular digital nomad spot. However, with the Indonesian borders closed, many have had to look elsewhere and instead, join the growing ranks of digital nomads setting up base in Tulum. Tulum is more expansive than Canggu and offers fewer co-working spaces, but this has not stopped it from becoing an increasingly popular hotspot with digital nomads.

DelCielo Cafe, Tulum Mexico

Tulum is the fastest growing locale in Mexico but it is far from the only one. Tulum’s digital nomad community has expanded, especially in the last year as its infrastructure has caught up with nearby destinations like Playa del Carmen and Cancun. In years prior, Tulum struggled to attract digital nomads compared to Playa del Carmen because of unreliable internet access. However, since 2019, several co-working spaces opened in Tulum and it has become a bohemian destination ideal for work and play, with good internet availability, co-living spaces, beautiful beaches, and full moon parties.

It is possible that Tulum’s popularity with remote workers is going to grow exponentially, especially now that traditional nomad hotspots like Bali are closed for the foreseeable future. Some attribute the attraction of Tulum to the lifestyle it offers. The people are heavily invested in health, wellness, and spirituality. There’s a certain mystique and charm that exists in Tulum and it is easy to stumble across sound baths, group meditations, and Temazcal ceremonies – and all that might just be a regular Wednesday after work.

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