Featured Nomad: Shiree Francis

Shiree Francis, Virtual Assistant Coach and Digital Nomad

Shiree Francis is an inspiring, young digital nomad and entrepreneur. Originally from The United Kingdom, she has been living abroad for 5+ years enjoying the freedom of remote work. She offers a virtual assistant coaching program that helps people of all backgrounds obtain stable, location-independent work.

Shiree is a natural communicator and connector with nearly 8 years of sales experience and a vast network of mentors, entrepreneurs and digital nomads that she’s worked with in her time in Europe, The Americas and Asia. Usually, based in Bali, Indonesia, Shiree has garnered a a lot of attention from aspiring nomads looking to break free from their 9-to-5 jobs and lead a lifestyle similar to the one Shiree has managed to create for herself.

Shiree continuously expands her services and provides new content on a regular basis. To learn more, check out her website and watch our video interview with her below.

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