How The Tropics Can Recover From Losses in Tourism

Tourism is one of the most effective ways to break down barriers between people of different countries. When done in earnest, it is an opportunity taken by people from all over the world to experience other places, their cultures and heritage. There were 1 billion international travelers in 2019, but this year has seen a steep decline in travel for tourism, as well as business and education.

There are many things that can lead to losses in tourism that have nothing to do with this pandemic. These issues range from extreme weather and natural disasters to government restrictions that can deny entry for tourists from certain countries. Popular tropical tourist destinations like St. Lucia, Kenya, Australia, The UAE and Indonesia now suffer terrible blows to their economy following the recent COVID-19 crisis. These are just a few of our ideas on how these countries. can bounce back as quickly as possible.

Reinventing Campaigns

Following the covid-19 pandemic, many tropical countries including St. Lucia launched new campaigns inviting tourists unto its shores once more. This is an important in order to ensure that new and existing tourists know that the country is open to visitors. St. Lucia’s Tourism Authority has plans to launch a “Village Tourism” campaign to revitalize several villages on the island and protect the longevity of the hospitality industry in the country. The project will kick off with renovations of village waterfront areas, the refurbishment of restaurants and fish-fery buildings and the creation of mini hotels in villages to give tourists a unique experience that they may not find in other Caribbean islands.

Seeking Partnerships

The importance of partnerships in tourism cannot be overstated. Many of us have heard of the IcelandAir Stopover program which allows passengers to stopover in Iceland at no extra cost when taking transatlantic flights. Many countries rely on advertising and partnerships to bring in a consistent flow of tourists year in and year out. Kenya, for instance partners with Google to help market the country globally to tourists. Indonesia has a standing partnership with Australia for the purpose of cultural exchange and tourism.

Advertising The Tourist Experience

There is a reason some tourists will keep revisiting the same country every time they decide to go on vacation. This simply boils down to the kind of experience they had while vacationing in such countries. The tropics has long-been a great place for tourists, a Caribbean beach, an African Safari and an Asian street food market are all hallmarks of what many people think of when they think of traveling. The most successful of tourist destinations are the ones that deliver life-changing experiences that take advantage of something that only their country offers. Countries trying to attract tourists will do well to put together infrastructures that will attract tourists to their country. The UAE for instance, has focused on becoming a luxury destination by increasing the amount of tourist’s satisfaction and comfort at every part of their experience in the major emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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    • It is a struggle that even the best policy makers around the world are having difficulty with. We aren’t experts in this area but we wanted to share some potential ways countries can revitalize their hospitality industries.

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