Featured Nomad: Anders Møller

Anders with his co-founder Ben (left) and their business partners behind Dice Society Board Game Cafe

Anders Møller is a researcher and entrepreneur currently based in Singapore. Anders has lived and worked in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia and has spent the past four years in Myanmar doing waste management research and starting a board game cafe and small business consulting firm in Yangon. Anders spoke with Nomad Era about life in Southeast Asia, why Yangon is one of the most exciting cities nobody talks about, and his thoughts on the idea of global citizenship.

If you’re interested in moving to Yangon or working with Anders and his team to help serve small businesses in Myanmar get in touch with the Möbius Consulting team on LinkedIn or Facebook. While you’re in Yangon, be sure to visit the Dice Society board game cafe and let them know Nomad Era sent you.

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