The Best Trailers for Digital Nomads

These trailers are designed to ensure travelers have a chance to live and work comfortably off-grid. Equipped with major amenities such as kitchen, bathrooms, desk space, bed, storage space, heating, and cooling systems, these trailers are meant to function like ordinary houses giving the occupants a chance to enjoy the home environment on wheels. Living on these trailers is not different from living in your house; users do not have to worry about running costs because the trailers are designed to maximize efficiency. 

The designs ensure the trailers are light, fuel conservative, durable, substantial insulation, and attractive interior and exterior to stand out from the surrounding. You can go for a roadtrip anywhere because most of them are designed to be pulled by smaller and larger cars. Here are some of the best digital nomad trailers. 

Escape ONE /Escape ONE XL

Yes, this is a trailer. The Escape ONE is a literal house on wheels. Designed to offer excellent accommodation on-the-go, the trailer has an additional communication booster system that allows you to catch up with friends and family while on a road trip. The build is exceptional, with shock absorbers and springs to remain comfortable even on bumpy roads. The interior is fitted with cabinets and sufficient storage to store everything so that they do not fall while you are driving. 

The battery capacity can accommodate the functionality of multiple household items such as a microwave, espresso machine, and heaters. You can also get a non-fitted version that enables you to arrange the trailer according to your needs. It is a designed to be light, spacious and luxurious to enable you to work anywhere and explore new places without the fatigue that often comes from long periods away from home. If you need more space or a luxurious van life, you can upgrade to the Escape One XL version. The top deck is dedicated to sleeping space, leaving the lower space for other activities. 


  • Excellent communication systems
  • Large spaces
  • Ability to upgrade
  • You can customize it.


  • Heavy
  • More energy consumption

Gulf Stream Vista Cruiser RV Trailer

These trailers are designed to offer a large space that can accommodate at least two people as full-time residents. They offer excellent on-road handling and off-road capabilities, making them suitable for suburban drives and off-road trips. Designed from light-weight materials, you can pull them with a smaller truck without worry. They are available in different versions ranging from 20ft to 26ft trailers.

They are built using vacuum bonded laminated fiber glasses to prevent molding and rotting from inside. They also have robust AC systems that allow free circulation of air and moisture in the trailer. They have a full bath with open ventilation to allow the vapor to escape easily. The battery power can accommodate larger electricals such as a two-door fridge, cooktop burners, oven, and other electricals you may need. The interior LED lighting minimizes power consumption and provides sufficient brightness. The rooftop has space for solar panels to generate additional energy.


  • Available in different versions
  • Large floor space
  • Can accommodate more and larger electricals


  • Expensive

KZ Escape E180RBT

For those interested in hybrid trailers, this is the best one available in the market. Despite the size, it is lightweight and does not demand much torque to pull. It comes with three tent spaces that you can extend to accommodate up to eight people sleeping. It has a luggage capacity of 1240 lbs. You can stuff all of your essentials in it and have room to spare. This allows you to travel longer without worries about running out of supplies. 

It is perfect for vloggers, journalists, photographers, and other occupations that involve staying on the move or interacting with nature. It has a freshwater storage capacity of 20 gallons and a grey water storage capacity of 26 gallons; hence you will need to refill it once a week. Aside from the essential heating, cooling, storage, and kitchen items, it comes with an electric bike to ride around. You also have a TV antenna to catch up with the latest news.


  • It comes with an electric bike
  • Hybrid
  • Higher luggage capacity
  • Extendable sleeping space


  • Limited water capacity
  • Additional cost for the electric bike.

Northwood Arctic Fox

The trailer is made using fibreglass to allow proper ventilation and reduce its weight. If you need enough sitting space, this trailer comes with a three-seater couch perfect for relaxing. You can choose from the six different floor plans available, ranging from 22 to 32 feet. They come with a slide-out to increase your living space except for the 22-foot trailer. The four-season insulation system makes it perfect for travelling all year long. 

They come with a 45-watt solar panel to reduce your dependence on a generator and a 12-volt power jack to hitch it up easily. It is also fixed with additional technologies to make life more comfortable while on the road. You can connect your favorite devices using the Bluetooth enables TV and stereo system.


  • Large floor space
  • Available in different versions
  • Four-season insulation


  • No shades for privacy

Casita Heritage

If you need a vintage nomad travel trailer for traveling alone, this trailer will meet all your needs. The 17-foot trailer is minimalistic with a well-organized interior to provide bed space, sitting, table and a small kitchen with all the necessary items. The LED lighting is enough to make the interior bright, and the insulation ensures no mold will form in the interiors. You can also open the windows for fresh air when cooking or relaxing.

It comes with safety features such as smoke detectors well fitted electrical circuits to prevent accidents. You can tow it with a sedan to any location of your choosing. 


  • Minimalistic design
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Light


  • Smaller storage and living space
  • Suitable for one person.


Trailers are perfect for touring any environment and working anywhere. They are also designed to maximize efficiency to ensure you do not run out of essentials. However, you need to watch out for the storage capacity, energy consumption, water capacity and other needs. There are various versions available for you to choose from and enjoy your adventure.

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